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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Thursday, July 12th, 2001
Hello. I am recently joined.
I was thinking about how IDM referrs almost completely
to Warp Records, which is not surprising since they
coined the term. But as time passes, the trendsetters
tend to move away from standards they even
set for themselves, and clones set in. The mimicker.

Like many things, it's a lot like sex.
Some people are smooth, no matter what happens,
others are always awkward, having a hard time finding the *groove.
After seeing Kid606 live one too many times, I couldn't
help but imagine how awful he would be in bed, no balance
or smooth transitions. So what is it about Kid606 that people seem to like?
Does he just spend entirely too much time in front of his laptop?? Or both of them.
With headphones. It's like eating a genetically modified tomato, (support organic).

The sticky organic goo between the zeros and the ones.
Well, we all have our reasons.
I am just bitter because I am going to have to see Kid606 *again
this friday, at an Anticon Vs Tiger Beat 6 thing in Oakland, CA.

Saturday, its Francisco Lopez, an amazing trance-inducing experimental artist.


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11:07a - Uncensored Sonic Proof for 01.07.08
Hi everybody! I just joined the community and wanted to let you in on the show I do. It's downtempo, dub, IDM, tr*p-h*p...whatever.

u n c e n s o r e d s o n i c p r o o f

Every Sunday 11pm to 1am (MST)
on KVCU 1190AM in Boulder, CO USA
or live via RealAudio
or 24/7 Streaming MP3 playlist

a r t i s t // t r a c k // a l b u m
q-burns abstract message // differently // invisible airline
i:cube // le dub // hi-fidelity dub sessions: the second chapter
matmos // lipostudio...and so on // a chance to cut is a chance to cure
nicola conte // arabesque // bossa per due
greyboy // uknowmylife // mastered the art
loopdrop // cambios electrofisicos // loopdrop
fila brazillia // president chimp toe // powerclown
alex gordon // oleander // small craft warnings
omar faruk tekbilek // shashkin (hefner remix) // mystic groove
brian eno & j. peter schwalm // like pictures part #2 // drawn from life
continuo // weather girl // traveler '01
slicker // for late // the latest
kirk degiorgio // solo de luth // ars antiqua remixed
plaid // light rain // double figure
air // electronic performers // 10,000hz legend
soulstice // andromeda // illusion
deltron 3030 // 3030 // the instrumentals
andrew coleman // ballet in a safety net // everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt
twilight circus dub sound system // dub quake // volcanic dub
alpha // still // the impossible thrill
sofa surfers // container // cargo
organic grooves feat. muhamadou salieu suso // sutukung // african travels
ready made // transcontinental // gl�cklich iv

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert

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