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Sunday, July 15th, 2001
2:16a - diagram of suburban chaos - status negatives
so, I just got the cd 'status negatives' by diagram of suburban chaos today in the mail. this cd was so damned good, that I had to post something about it here. so, here's my humble review.

if any of you have seen them on mp3.com or listened to any of their stuff from the Imputor?, you'll know this project is genuinely beautiful. I first found out about them by chance when linked from the Friends of Slave Indvstries page... I downloaded Cryhsat and liked it so much, that I delved a bit more and looked at their other stuff. most of the stuff on the mp3.com page which you can find here, is stuff that's not even on the album. two songs, Rooftop, and the aforementioned Cryhsat are on there, and sound very quality. my personalty favourite so far is probably Odyss-Nntaht. this song sounds like old school Casltevania, current IDM type sound, with a future post apocalyptic landscape/world setting. and I mean that in a good way. even the most calm tracks on status negatives have a slight dark edge, and the melancholy is definitely there. it's got these little noisy parts, that lead into other little sounds and diddies, all while the background beautifully orchestrated musik grows and evolves.

and get this, on the Imputor? site, it even encourages you to download their 192 bitrate mp3s and share them, to spread them around. nothing but props for that, as well. the diagram of suburban chaos page looks very aesthetically nice, which usually has nothing to do with the musik, actually really reflects what kind of mindset is at work here and all kind of fits together. you can find the mp3s on the above link to mp3.com, and here on their official site. I'd say anyone that is on this community for a reason would enjoy and very much so appreciate this project. very calm, very mellow, but at the same time a lot is going on, and just all together well put together. anyway.. there you go.


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