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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Friday, August 10th, 2001
9:02a - Uncensored Sonic Proof for 01.08.05
u n c e n s o r e d s o n i c p r o o f

Every Sunday 11pm to 1am (MST)
on KVCU 1190AM in Boulder, CO USA
or live via RealAudio or 24/7 Streaming MP3 playlist

Yeah, yeah. I know how late this is, but by God I'm going to get it out anyway! This week's show included new tracks from Lamb and The Poets Of Rhythm. I also added several cool new URLs to the links page and there's info on the news page about the upcoming Plaid/Squarepusher ticket giveaway. Enjoy!

01.08.05 //

artist // track // album
roni size / reprazent // heroes (kruder long loose bossa) // replica: the remix album
prefuse 73 // nuno // vocal studies + uprock narratives
the poets of rhythm // discern / define // discern / define
grantby // it's coming // headz 2b compilation
the wolfgang press // slowtime // everything is beautiful (a retrospective 1983-1995)
swell session // a swell session // brazilified compilation
lamb // gabriel // cafe del mar vol.8 compilation
radiohead // pulk/pull revolving doors // amnesiac
count basic // speechless slomo (remixed by peter kruder) // the peter kruder richard dorfmeister remixes
dzihan & kamien // smile (cycles mix) // smile
plaid // light rain // double figure
dub syndicate // walking jerusalem // echomania
massive attack // weather storm // protection
ruby // lamplight (bench and doufos parrrtay mix! by bench // altered & proud (the short-staffed remixes)
alpha // my things // come from heaven
sofa surfers // the low rider // cargo
solid doctor // faustian bargain // space jazz compilation
fila brazillia // subtle body // maim that tune
nightmares on wax // stars // headz compilation
peace orchestra // who am i // peace orchestra

"Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs." - Lily Tomlin

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1:02p - Over and over and over...
I've finally gotten my hands on Pure Euphoria disk 1 by Matt Darey...

I have no words to describe just how incredibly moving this CD is...

it is


I've been playing the intro, first 2 minutes, over and over again simply because it is the most well thoughtout, simple and beautiful intro I have ever heard to a trance set...

I want to share with everyone because it's real hard to find but it's a 74 meg mp3 set and I just don't have that kind of space on my providers server right now...

look it up, find it, download it...

Pure Euphoria disk 1 and 2, though I haven't yet gotten to two...

I am


I'm in love with this man


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Not sure that you have seen this video, but I think it's adorable.
Come on My Selector
You can also watch the other videos that he did for portishead, aphex twin, etc from this site.

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11:26p - Plaid in Portland
We drove to Portland, 'cause they were playing at a 21+ place in Seattle. We listened to Plaid all of the way: Not for Threes, Rest Proof Clockwork, and a bit of Double Figure.

Squarepusher wasn't there (as everyone's noted).
Mira Calix opened. I didn't really care for most of the stuff she played.
And play she did-- over two hours. Her set ended with some improvements: Autechre's "further", another Autechre track (maybe from Chiastic Slide?), then Boards of Canada's "kid for today". That was neat, but... I could've listened to that from the comfort of my home, I think? I guess I don't appreciate the art of DJing, really.
Finally, she left.

Plaid was awesome. Everything that I recognized (maybe half of it?) was off of Double Figure, and the rest was good, too. The visuals varied between weird and very cool, and really made the show.

They played "Squance" for the encore.

As the lights came up, Mira Calix returned. She started with a doublespeed version of Aphex Twin's "on".

The weirdest part of the show was seeing people dance to Autechre.

Sorry for just listing tracks... to me, that's a pretty good representation of how the show was. Other highlights included meeting ioapetra. The crowd was good, too.
[If you were there, I was the halfnaked guy (jesus, it was hot) sitting on the rocking chairs in the middle.]

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