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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Thursday, August 16th, 2001
12:07a - Uncensored Sonic Proof for 01.08.12
u n c e n s o r e d s o n i c p r o o f

Every Sunday 11pm to 1am (MST)
on KVCU 1190AM in Boulder, CO USA
or live via RealAudio
or 24/7 Streaming MP3 playlist

Lots of new reviews on the site this week, including thoughts on dZihan & Kamien's new single, the debut from The Poets Of Rhythm, and Quango's Brazilified and Space Jazz comps. Dig it!

01.08.12 //

artist // track // album
coil // windowpane (minimal mix) // windowpane & the snow
q-burns abstract message // differently // invisible airline
thievery corporation // 2001 spliff odyssey // sounds from the thievery hi-fi
plaid // shackbu // rest proof clockwork
tosca // chocolate elvis (boozoo bajou soul sufferer mix) // space jazz compilation
brian eno & j. peter schwalm // like pictures part #2 // drawn from life
meat beat manifesto // cancer // subliminal sandwich
deltron 3030 // time keeps on slipping (instrumental) // the instrumentals
r.p.m. // flow // headz 2A compilation
45 dip // parker street story // the acid lounge
african head charge // primitive // environmental studies
nitin sawhney // oceans & rain // mystic groove compilation
plaid // zamami // double figure
andrew coleman // too early by far // everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt
the poets of rhythm // discern / define // discern / define
smith & mighty // higher dub // bass is maternal
fila brazillia // heat death of the universe // luck be a weirdo tonight
butti49 // brasilikum // brazilified compilation
plaid // manyme // double figure
portishead // all mine // portishead
luke vibert // sharp a2 // headz 2b compilation

"Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs." - Lily Tomlin

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7:21p - new to the group.
Hello! I love warp stuff, as well as many other IDM artists. Feel free to send me recommendations, I'd also love to have someone to talk to on AOL IM about IDM in general. Sorry to cut this short but I must be going, so long

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