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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Friday, September 28th, 2001
3:17p - album and song of the day..
syndrone - triskaideka (merck001)

that's the album of the day..
followed by my song of the day by Total Science - Yvon is On, which i have been listening to all day.

hi. i'll introduce myself now.
my name is michelle and i live in miami.
i'm a jungle dj but i compose experimental bleepiness, i suppose.. you could call it idm, i just call it music.
i also compose jungle.. and i listen to tons of other music that is not specifically idm.
more about me in my profile.

i'm a network engineer. fun.

current mood: lazy

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11:51p - hi
I'm new. I like all types of music and recently been gettin into idm.

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