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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001
Lamb isn't exactly IDM, but they do tend to have the interesting beats I associate with IDM.

There's a contest to remix a song, "Gabriel", from their new album:
The page has the separate tracks from the song available, too.

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5:40p - so many drukqs, so litte time
the album reviewing bug bit me today so here goes...

Aphex Twin - Drukqs

Wow. Where to begin? It's been a long ass time since Windowlicker, and even longer since RDJ Album. Just like when NIN took ages to follow up the Downward Spiral and then returned with the Fragile opus, Richard decided to take his sweet time and do the same. Was the wait worth it? I say hell yes.

In the time that Aphex has fallen out of "the scene", a bunch of new artists have gotten to bask in the IDM spotlight. Newcomers have tried to recreate his sound, some with limited success. And now Drukqs comes out and collectively shits on everything. Not that the other stuff wasn't good... but that's exactly the point... it was good, but nothing to make me stand up and really take notice.

Drukqs has elements from all of Richard's past projects... there's some tracks that seem very much like his ambient stuff, crazy mental drill n' bassy tracks, some mid-tempo stuff, and a few tracks that sound like Erik Satie (minimalist French composer) was brought back from the dead.

There's even some trademark Aphexian humour on the record, one track exclaiming "C'mon you cunts let's hear some Aphex acid!!!" at which point the track busts into a killer acidy synth line that could have been lifted off of his Caustic Window days.

There's a lot of material here, and like always, it's gonna take some time to fully digest it all. I've had the album for a couple weeks now and I'm just starting to get my head around it. It comes out at the end of this month officially, but the internet is a helpful tool for those who are impatient like me.

Now I can only hope for an Aphex tour to manifest itself....

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