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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Saturday, October 13th, 2001
harmony can happen on many levels--
the obvious, the obscured.
the keen ear hears harmony in all sound.

the line between *trying to be 'weird'
and being geniune is thick and bold.

all hail discordia!

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6:47p - just another goddamn aphex post
so i went to this club last night for a party for the release of mr aphex twins new cd...they gave meh a demo cd....i like what i hear.
name of demo tracks:
1:jynwethek ylow
2:taking control
3:avril 14th
4:meltphace 6
5:nanou 2

you can download them here at *DRUKQS!
check it out
go about ur biznezz now

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