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Thursday, October 25th, 2001
11:17a - To Contrast That Horrible Wrolling Stone Review
Heres one from OTHER MUSIC

APHEX TWIN "Drukqs" (Sire/Warp) 2xCD $16.99

Aphex Twin's newest is totally unexpected--and quite provocative.
There are about four different styles to the album, combined and
recombined, choreographed into peaks and valleys that unroll over
two discs. First of all, Mr. James turns to actual instruments
this time--harpsichords, pianos, strings, manipulated in timbre
and tempo. These pieces are tensely rhythmic, classically pensive,
and owe a big debt to Satie in mood. Into this he mixes some
pretty drum'n'bass pieces that sound as if they came off of
1996's "Richard D. James" album. (Rumors have it he recorded some
of this years ago anyway.) A few pieces of cascading dancefloor
growl electrosmash and almost pure noise are mixed in for
contrast. What's most impressive about this is the way he paces
the album--it's not just one big bell curve of energy. He reaches
for highs and lows so often, but so adeptly you feel totally
manipulated, but in the hands of a master. [RE]

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