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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Monday, October 29th, 2001
11:37a - scenes
I hate this. there is absolutely 0 idm scene overhere in utrecht, the netherlands.

well, not 0. there is some occasional stuff. in two weeks, we'll have an evening with endorphins, funckarma and s.u.b.c.o.d.e but that's about it. the only remotely interesting stuff is the InterZone parties where they play mainly idm-influenced industrial, drum n bass and powernoise.

current mood: frustrated

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5:18p - other than aphex

doesn't the term IDM have a music snobbery connotation to it?

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7:14p - Random Flim
on a more random note, I've never heard Aphex Twin publically untill today while I was Dineing at the local Red Lobster sea food establishment, they started playing Flim just as i recived my appetizer... strange...

current mood: doctorhelp

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