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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Friday, November 2nd, 2001
It made sense at first to me because the dance is
internal--you have to engage your self to find it, and that isn't always easy.
Dancing to the new ae is totally possible, its just more of a
swaying twitch eyes closed and dreaming thing.

Amoeba Records in SF has a "(dont call it) IDM" section now.
Most artists who feel they are doing something creative
and geniune would rather not be categorized.

Art is a constantly shifting consciousness, there is nothing
stationary about it; if someone goes into it saying
"I am going to make IDM" or any genre they will come out unsuccessful

The only reason this community is here is because
we have similar tastes, that isn't to say that we all want to
be fit in this imaginary concept of Cool.
I am different just like everyone else, k?

There is a difference between snobbery and elitism.
Snobbs have an overclear idea of what they like
and are just closed-minded about it.
Elitists just know how to filter out the garbage.

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9:08p - for those of you who haven't already seen this

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