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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Thursday, November 15th, 2001
1:12a - Stuff...
Ok, for that guy over in there in Holland, there's gonna be a HUGE show in The Hague, off the top of my head, Gescom, Freeform, Richard Devine, ack i can't remember much, and i forgot the link, but believe me it'll be worth the trip... It's around the 7th of December, and with all the big acts that'll be there, it shouldn't be too hard to locate info.

Also Marumari's newest video is going to be on amp(mtv2)... next friday between 10pm and 12am EST. It will also be making appearances on MTV UK, Europe, and Germany, times not available yet...

Hope this news is welcome, even if it is a bit scatterbrained...

current mood: tired

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8:28a - Freezepop Remix
I stayed up all night to make this. Now I think I'll go to work.


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12:36p - !new to the community
dunno why it's taken me so long to get on here, but i'm here now. we have arrived

so yeah, um...i'm from the chicago-area. i spin, write, and listen to idm, rhythmic noise, ambient, and other such spatterings of audio. i could ramble on about more info, but if yer interested, it's all available at my domain: posthoc.org.

i've got some tracks up in /anonbox, but that's kind of limited for the time being.

so of course, hello.

current mood: awake

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