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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2001
2:19p - New Mouse On Mars 12inch
"agit itter it it 12inch
in december (official relaese date in germany 3. december) there will be a new mouse on mars 12inch with rare tracks and edits. only on vinyl. the first 1000 copies come with a limited live 7inch featuring 'actionist respoke' and 'introduce'. the tracks are also available as downloads via sonig.com, though not all at once."

Thus sonig.com. I bought it yesterday. At first I thought "Oh boy, this sucks" but then I realized I had played it at the wrong speed. Silly me! Played at the proper speed the 12inch is really pretty cool. I also got the limited 7inch along with it (Other Music in Harvard Square still has a few copies) - those two live tracks are alright, both from their latest album, both featuring the annoying singing. 'Actionist Response' is cool anyway.

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