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Intelligent Dance Music's Journal

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Saturday, December 29th, 2001
the year is nearly over.. what albums were the best of 2001? here's my list (in no order!)
bjork - vespertine
radiohead - amnesiac
autechre - confield
squarepusher - go plastic
chris clark - clarence park
mouse on mars - idiology
aesop rock - labor days
cannibal ox - cold vein
saul williams - amethyst rock star
plaid - double figure
matmos - a chance to cut is a chance to cure
air - 10,000 hz legend
tortoise - standards
prefuse 73 - vocal studies and uprock narratives
anti-pop consortium - ends against the middle
avalanches - since I left you
delarosa and asora - agony pt. 1
tool - lateralus
stereolab - sound-dust
oval - ovalcommers

I'd love to see everyone else's lists as well as feedback. 20 was the number I chose to limit my list to but suit yourselves.

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1:01p - MD?
are any you of you LJ people out there fans of the MiniDisc format? I have a gift certificate I'm looking to redeem from Xmas, and was thinking of checking this one out. it supposedly plays mp3s as well, but i think there's a conversion that has to happen first.

i'd mostly be using it for recording samples from a mic and to record dj sets. i was using my laptop for that, but i'll be needing it for performing which rules out the laptop as a simultaneous recording unit.

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