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(ER016) Toxic Chicken – Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Album: Alice In Wonderland Tea Party
Artist: Toxic Chicken
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Format: mp3
Genre: Electronic, Soundtrack, experimental Techno, Psychedelic Dance
October 2011


White rabbits, march hares, Queen of Hearts, Caterpillars. Alice In Wonderland is one of the great stories of the imagination.
A quintessential fantasy. Adapted by many other artists. Jan Svankmajer, Disney & friends, Tim Burton, and now Kai Nobuko, under his electronic dance psychedelic cosmic polka syncronized swimming stoner genius oddball techno rave smash cascading vehement good humored artistic identity “Toxic Chicken” whose music puts the most nihilistic misanthropic kafkaesque man into an epileptic fit of boogey! Kai was hesitant to let me turn this one loose on humanity, because he holds this one close to his radiant heart.
This single track wonder was originally composed, with love aplenty stirred in with a magical whisk, for a lingery show in Bangkok, Alice In Wonderland being the theme. I am honored to have the soundtrack for such a spectacle here in our collective compost heep of love. Thank you again, Toxic Chicken. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea.
Don’t be late now. What’s not to love about this? Listen to it now.


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