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idm's Journal

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Intelligent Dance Music
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Hi there. Welcome to the Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) Community. In case you've stumbled upon us by complete accident, partial accident, or tragic accident I suppose you might like to know exactly what goes on here.

Well, it's not really that simple, so I'm going to borrow liberally from the charter for the IDM-L, a listserv hosted by Hyperreal (which I've been a member of off and on for a number of years) for a definition of 'IDM'.

"The Intelligent Dance Music mailing list was set up ... for the discussion of a wave of what was termed 'Intelligent Techno' originating mainly from the UK. Initially, the idea was to create a list dedicated to the Aphex Twin but it soon became apparent that there was a whole lot more going on that we felt was worthy of discussion. The most obvious example of this was Warp records Artificial Intelligence series which brought together various artists whose names are now at the forefront of the new wave of electronic listening music. These artists, including Black Dog Productions, B12, Autechre, and Speedy J from the Warp series and others such as Reload, Mu-Ziq, Future Sound of London, Beaumont Hannant, and Ken Ishii are in my mind the epitome(sic) of 'IDM'. As always, however, there are no specific boundaries by which we are able to define what is and what isn't Intelligent Dance Music."

So what happens here in the community? Anything, really. IDM-L is pretty structured, and attempts to achieve a low signal-to-noise ratio. LiveJournal, by its nature, is full of off-topic musings, and I suspect this community will be no different. Ultimately, on-topic content has a wider appeal, but I'm all for free form ramblings from "the scene". Is there really a scene? ;)

Have fun, don't whiz on the electric fence.

Update 06/19/09: Copyrighted material that you do not own the rights to should not be posted to this community. It is permissible to use copyrighted material under the parameters of "fair use," (i.e. cover art for reviews, sound clips that are publicly available elsewhere) but to post an entire recording wholesale to this community is not permitted. Doing so will result in being banned from the community. This is the only rule here, but: You have been warned.

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